Congressman Joe Kennedy III has dedicated his career to social and economic justice. He is fighting for the basic dignity of every American family and a politics that is inclusive, representative and fair.


A former Peace Corps member, legal aid volunteer, and assistant district attorney, Joe has worked tirelessly for the people most at risk, most marginalized, and most in need. He ran for office to tackle the systemic inequities – from health care to housing to climate and education – that have left countless American families locked out and left behind.

Over his four terms in the House of Representatives, Joe has emerged as a national figure in the Democratic Party’s most pivotal debates. From his headline-making fights for affordable health care and compassionate immigration policy to his legislative leadership on issues like mental health parity and civil rights, Joe has become one of the Trump Era’s most powerful voices for moral clarity.

A rising political leader, Joe has seized the challenges of his generation, from his striking critique of American capitalism to his vision for a better foreign policy, his powerful response to conservative abuse of religious liberty, and his voice for climate justice.

He has challenged the old political system with calls to end the Electoral College, abolish the filibuster and reform the Supreme Court. He is deeply invested in the future of the Democratic Party, traveling the country and Commonwealth to help elect the candidates, build the coalitions and support the political infrastructure that we need to enact progressive reform.

As a Congressman, Joe has prioritized presence and accessibility for his constituents. Known for holding open office hours in every single community in his district, he has championed local vocational schools, a growing clean energy sector, needed infrastructure, and the myriad issues that directly touch the families he represents.

Joe is the kind of elected official who calls. He checks in. He listens, and he shows up.

In Washington, Joe has shown a unique talent for building diverse coalitions and the political will to get things done. He has built an impressive legislative record in a polarized Washington, spearheading bipartisan efforts to extend mental health coverage for children and pregnant women, support our domestic manufacturing industryprotect consumer voices onlinemake hearing aids more affordable, and defend access to legal assistance for struggling families.

Born and raised in Boston, Joe received his undergraduate degree in Management Science & Engineering from Stanford University and his law degree from Harvard. He speaks fluent Spanish, is a twin, and was the starting goalie for the Stanford club lacrosse team. He talks too fast, drinks too much coffee, is a surprisingly decent cook (of breakfast sandwiches, at least), and an especially terrible singer. His favorite book is The Alchemist, his favorite movie is The Shawshank Redemption, and his favorite place to be is anywhere with some sea and salt air.

Joe is married to Lauren Birchfield Kennedy, a leading policy expert on affordable child care and co-founder of Neighborhood Villages. The two met during law school, in Senator Elizabeth Warren’s class. Their first date was over enchiladas at Casa Romero in Boston. Joe’s proposal many years later was a total disaster, but she said yes! They got married in 2012 in Lauren’s home state of California.

Today they live in Newton with their two children, Eleanor (4) and James (2), and one quirky but very cute dog, Banjo. Eleanor loves pancakes and teaching her little brother everything there is to know about Daniel Tiger. James prefers launching himself off of high surfaces and hanging out in his parents’ room at 3 a.m. Joe and Lauren just try to keep up.