Our top priority is ensuring our staff, supporters, community, and the general public are safe. We are creating this page as a central hub of information related to pandemic response in Massachusetts and across the country. We know these are scary and uncertain times, but we are committed to providing updated, timely, and accurate information every step of the way.

Important information about COVID-19

How we can help

In Massachusetts:

Donate to Project Bread, Pine Street Inn, the Food Bank of Western MA, and United Way

Across the country:

Donate to Meals on Wheels and Feeding America

Weekly Wednesday Q&A

We’ll be hosting a Weekly Wednesday Q&A every Wednesday at 8 PM for a Weekly Wednesday Q&A on Facebook Live. Please submit questions regarding COVID-19, quarantine, and what is happening in Washington, D.C. in the comments! Join us every Wednesday at 8 PM on the Kennedy for MA Facebook page.

Watch Kennedy Evening Broadcasts

Joe will hold a “Kennedy Evening Broadcast” from his home in Newton every Monday and Thursday night at 8 PM. Each episode will stream live on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, and will feature a special co-host.

Tune in here:

A Note from Joe

There is no way to sugarcoat it, things are scary right now. We are having a moment of crisis in this country – of public health and of leadership.

But we will get through it.

This administration’s botched handling of the COVID-19 threat, their lies, their misinformation and lack of urgency isn’t making this any better.

Congress can’t stop their scattershot response. But we can step up and provide some clarity, certainty, and relief.

We are fighting hard to get our families and communities the support they need — testing, treatment, supplies for medical professionals on the front lines, and the resources families need to weather this, from nutrition assistance to sick days.

We are keeping the most vulnerable front of mind — the poor, the already sick, the elderly, the uninsured or underinsured — not just because it’s the right thing to do but because it is the only way we will contain a pandemic.

And we are committed to providing updated, timely, and accurate information every step of the way.

We will stay vigilant. We will stay honest and transparent.

We will help you take care of the people you love.

We will keep this country safe and repair the damage done.

More soon,