Our country has made a commitment to our older residents that we must keep. Joe is committed to keeping that promise by fortifying Social Security and Medicare, which exist thanks to the contributions older people have made throughout their time in the workforce. While in Congress, Joe has worked to protect Social Security and expand the program. He is proud to have voted for legislation to lower the cost of prescription drugs by allowing Medicare to directly negotiate with drug manufacturers. Joe supports Medicare for All, which would fortify existing benefits for people over 65, reduce costs, and expand the benefits available, including long-term services and supports and improved access to prescription drugs.

Joe has fought to bring immediate relief to older adults struggling to afford health care costs by leading the passage of legislation to make hearing aids available over the counter, and by fighting the Trump Administration’s efforts to cut Medicare and other critical programs like Meals on Wheels. Joe supports the reauthorization of the Older Americans Act to support and fund programs that are critically important to helping older people age in the communities of their choice, as well as programs to support family caregivers. Joe values the contributions that older people have made to our country, Commonwealth, and communities, and he is committed to ensuring the Senate thinks creatively as our country’s demographics continue to age.