Universal Child Care

The struggle to find reliable, high-quality, and affordable child care is one of the most profound economic justice issues of our time. As the father of two young children, Joe understands that parents need the security of knowing their children are getting the education they need, while having the freedom to structure their careers and lives in a way that is best for their families.

Joe believes access to high-quality, affordable child care and early education should be a right for every American family and that we must ensure universal access, regardless of family income, employment status, or geography. He supports a massive federal investment to create a network of early education and child care options, from local child care centers to preschools to in-home care.

Joe recognizes that part of reforming our country’s early education and care system requires greater investment in the educators who care for our children. This includes ensuring fair compensation for teachers, improving educator access to training and professional development opportunities, and putting funds toward safe and high-quality facilities. Teachers are the foundation of the early education and care system; investing in them is what will give more children access to high-quality early learning environments and, in turn, provide families with greater economic security and peace of mind.