Climate Crisis

Confronting the climate crisis is one of the greatest challenges of our generation. Joe is proud to be an original co-sponsor of the Green New Deal, which he believes lays out the most inclusive and equitable framework to achieve our climate goals. He supports aggressive action to reduce our carbon emissions and mobilize our economy around clean energy. That includes decarbonizing our electricity, vehicles, and buildings, aggressively enforcing pollution standards, protecting public lands from fossil fuel extraction, promoting clean energy alternatives to pipelines and compressor stations, and investing in clean and sustainable infrastructure, manufacturing, innovation, and scientific research. As we transform our economy to achieve our climate goals, Joe believes we must prioritize justice for the frontline communities whose health, safety, and wellbeing is most vulnerable.

Joe believes we must take on the structural inequities of environmental impacts, with a particular focus on the disparities in adverse health effects, pollution exposure, and vulnerability to the threats of climate change by socioeconomic status and race. He advocates for urgent action to reduce concentrated pollution in these communities, including by guaranteeing that everyone has access to clean drinking water, clean air, and can take part in the transition to clean energy. He believes our communities must have the federal support and resources they need to prepare, adapt, and respond to the inevitable effects of extreme weather and climate change, including coastal flooding and the health impacts of extreme heat waves.

Joe also advocates for empowering local communities to address climate change through community-based initiatives, and believes it is crucial that we bring voices from frontline communities to the table as we develop policies to protect our future. As we mobilize our economy around clean energy, Joe believes we must prioritize a just transition for our workers. That means ensuring benefits and financial security for workers in the fossil fuel industry, including early retirement benefits, guaranteed health care coverage, and job retraining for new opportunities in clean energy. It also means guaranteeing that new jobs in the green economy are unionized, with family-supporting pay and benefits, and have strong labor laws to protect them.

While in Congress, Joe has prioritized the protection of our Commonwealth, fighting to prohibit oil and gas drilling off of New England’s coast and promoting the development of offshore wind to bring clean energy, new industry, and needed job opportunities to our Southeastern coast. He has worked to reduce the harm of the Trump Administration’s dangerous climate and environmental policies, fighting against the decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, while pushing to keep the Clean Power Plan intact, to maintain strong fuel efficiency standards, and to eliminate exemptions from the Clean Air Act.