Communities of Color

Joe is a committed ally to communities of color, understanding that generations of discrimination and disenfranchisement have led to structural barriers for black and brown families across the country. From housing to health care to transportation and environmental justice, he believes that government must proactively and intentionally address these barriers in all of its public policy decisions. Joe is committed to fighting for the deep and structural change needed to combat persistent racism in our housing markets, hospitals, courtrooms, ballot boxes, and schools.

While in Congress, Joe has prioritized this work. A leading voice on STEM and career-technical education, he passed legislation to ensure access to these crucial education pathways for students of color. He is the proud co-sponsor of legislation to wipe out the vast majority of existing student debt, which will touch students of color who are disproportionately burdened and help close the persistent racial wealth gap.

He has also co-sponsored legislation to address racial discrimination in housing, by giving grants to first-time homebuyers who live in formerly redlined and segregated neighborhoods. He has advocated for increasing the portion of federal contracts reserved for minority-owned small businesses and ensuring that federal investments in communities of color are designed to build wealth, create jobs, and support locally-owned businesses. On his signature issue of health care, Joe has prioritized racial disparities in access to coverage and care, particularly when it comes to maternal health and mortality. Finally, he has supported criminal justice legislation to reform draconian sentencing laws, ensure humane conditions in prisons, and invest in reentry support.

As he works to transform our transportation and infrastructure policies, take on the climate crisis, continue reform of our criminal justice system, expand access to health care, and more, Joe is committed to putting equity at the center of his policymaking.