Democracy Reform

American democracy rests on the promise that every voice is heard equally. But our current system excludes, oppresses, and suppresses the will of too many Americans, often by design. Joe will fight every day in Washington for a new politics that is inclusive and truly representative of our people.

He supports policies to break down barriers to accessing our democratic institutions and ensure that everyone who is eligible is able to participate. That includes expanding voting rights and accessibility, removing restrictions that limit access to the ballot box, ending voter purges and partisan gerrymandering, ending Citizens United, and comprehensive campaign finance reform to get dark money, special interests, and corruption out of our political processes.

Joe also believes we need systemic changes to our outdated political structures and democratic institutions to ensure that our government meets its people’s basic needs. He supports abolishing the filibuster, so that the Senate can pass crucial legislation that the majority of Americans support, from climate legislation to common-sense gun safety laws. He believes it is time to abolish the Electoral College, so that the outcome of our presidential elections reflects the will of the majority. To depoliticize our judicial process and restore faith in our system of justice, Joe supports instituting term limits for the Supreme Court.