Economic Justice

Joe believes that in the richest nation on Earth, no human being should be too poor to survive. His top priority is breaking down the structural barriers across every part of our system that have allowed economic inequality to take root, to persist, and to keep entire segments of our population marginalized. Joe is fighting to build a moral economy, in which our shared success is measured by how broadly we empower our people.

Systemic reform begins with recalibrating our entire economy to put power with workers, families, and communities – not corporate interests. Joe supports a livable minimum wage, policies to strengthen organizing and collective bargaining rights, and extending employee benefits and protections to workers who have been misclassified or excluded. He is fighting for robust government protections against employment discrimination and wage disparities. Joe believes every American worker should be afforded the benefits they need to support their families, from health care and child care, to family and medical leave, to retirement and unemployment benefits.

Joe supports a progressive tax code in which the wealthy pay their fair share and corporations can no longer evade their responsibilities through loopholes designed to protect them. He is fighting to crack down on corporate consolidation, collusion, and anti-competitive behavior that tips the scales against workers. He supports proposals to end predatory practices, from non-compete and no-poach agreements that destroy worker leverage to bankruptcy practices that target worker pensions. Joe believes we must dramatically strengthen antitrust enforcement and disincentivize the short-term mentality that funnels profits toward shareholders over wages.