Education Equity

Our public education system is one of this country’s crowning achievements, but we have allowed profound inequities to undermine its basic promise: That every child has a pathway to economic dignity, regardless of where they start out. These inequities have infiltrated every facet of our education system, from early childhood to secondary schools to higher education.

Joe believes every family should have a right to high-quality early childhood education, which begins with universal access to child care and pre-K. As a strong advocate for public education, Joe supports increasing federal investments in our public school systems. In particular, he urges increased funding for low-income students, students of color, and students with disabilities, while investing in efforts to combat school segregation and level the playing field for our nation’s youth. He advocates for treating our education workforce like the professionals they are, boosting teacher and caregiver salaries, while ensuring a pipeline of talented educators for our future. Joe has a strong legislative record of supporting STEM and vocational-technical education, both critical pathways to accessing good job opportunities in our modern economy.

He supports initiatives to bring down the cost of higher education, making it more affordable and accessible to families across the economic spectrum. And as mounting debt burdens an entire generation – disproportionately affecting students of color – Joe believes we need to take immediate action to address our country’s student debt crisis. He supports legislative efforts to wipe out student debt for a vast majority of those who have it, and continues to stand up against the predatory practices of the for-profit student loan collection industry.