Foreign Affairs

Joe is fighting to undo the tremendous damage the Trump Administration has done by eroding our standing on the international stage, undermining our alliances, propping up authoritarian administrations around the globe, and denigrating our proud record as a model for democratic values and human rights. Joe believes we must restore our foreign policy to one rooted in our shared national values of democracy, equality, and human dignity.

In Congress, Joe has been a leading voice against the endless wars that have defined his generation. He has called for the full repeal of the Authorizations for Use of Military Force used to justify the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and he has urged Congress to reclaim its authority over matters of war and peace.

As a returned Peace Corps volunteer, Joe knows firsthand the value of diplomacy and international aid as centerpieces of our foreign policy. From his early days in Congress, he has advocated for strengthening our humanitarian efforts abroad. His first bill as a Member of Congress was the Peace Corp Commemoration Act, which was signed into law in 2013.

Joe believes in the value of strong alliances, because international cooperation is key to building a safer, more resilient, and more prosperous world. He also recognizes that we face constantly evolving threats, which require fresh thinking about how to best protect American values and security. Whether that means combating climate change across the globe and rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, strengthening our humanitarian engagement overseas, or fighting efforts by our adversaries to interfere with our democracy, Joe is committed to facing the emerging challenges of today.

Joe has fought for tough national security measures to protect the United States from threats at home and abroad, from erosion of democratic institutions to terrorist activity to public health epidemics to the global climate crisis. He has led legislative efforts to hold Iran accountable for terrorist activity and ballistic missile use, and authored a proposal to prevent interference in our democracy by Russia and other enemies.

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