Our country is made stronger, richer, and better by the contributions of immigrant families. Joe has seen firsthand the devastation of the Trump Administration’s inhumane immigration policies and has been a leading national voice in efforts to block its horrifying agenda. He has made several trips to shelters and detention facilities along our border, and has pushed the Administration for answers about dire medical conditions for infants and children in detention, deaths of transgender migrants in detention, and the process for reunifying migrant children with their families. He will continue to fight for those harmed by this Administration’s policies and to hold those involved accountable.

Joe believes we need comprehensive reform to create a fair, just, and humane immigration system. He advocates for decriminalizing migration and making it easier for those seeking a better life in our country to do so legally. Joe believes comprehensive reform must include a pathway to citizenship for those already here, strong protections for DREAMers and TPS recipients, compassion for refugees and asylum seekers, and equitable access to work visas. He advocates for systemic reform to our immigration enforcement agencies to root out abusive practices. He supports strategic investments in legal assistance and humanitarian aid, as well as effective security along our border.