Reproductive Justice

Joe firmly believes that every person has a right to bodily autonomy, and that includes the right to safe and legal abortion care. He believes that reproductive health care should be accessible regardless of income, supporting policies to make birth control more affordable and available over-the-counter. Joe supports repealing the Hyde Amendment, which puts abortion care out of reach for low-income people dependent on Medicaid coverage, disproportionately discriminating against women of color, immigrants, transgender and gender nonconforming individuals, Native American women, military women, and young women. He believes we should enshrine the right to abortion in federal statute, to protect reproductive health care in the event that Roe v. Wade is overturned by the courts. He has fought back against the Trump Administration’s attempts to restrict abortion access and has stood up against policies that prevent women from making their own reproductive health choices, like state abortion bans and medically unnecessary restrictions.

Joe has stood up against inequities in our health care system that result in differences in health outcomes by race, income, geography, and sexual or gender identity. He has fought to address the disproportionate racial impacts of the maternal mortality crisis and has been a leading voice in addressing discrimination against transgender patients, including the Trump Administration’s discriminatory rules that would restrict care for LGBTQIA+ individuals. Joe understands the ways in which economic and social justice issues intersect with health equity, from adequate housing, to reliable transportation, to concentrated pollution, to education access, and more. He is committed to taking on the systemic reforms needed to address these inequities and ensure that every American has access to equitable, affordable health care.