Joe is deeply grateful to our nation’s service members and fully committed to supporting them, whether on active duty or upon returning home. He has been a vocal proponent for Congress to debate a new Authorization for the Use of Military Force for continued operations in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Joe believes a top priority for Congress must be keeping our troops safe and on a path for success. He has advocated for investments in the latest battlefield technology, stood up against sexual assault in the military, and fought discrimination against transgender service members.

Joe understands that our existing systems are not working for our veterans. He advocates for strengthening constituent services that our veterans rely on, from health care to job training to housing and family support. Creating robust constituent programs is critical to helping veterans and their families cut through administrative red tape and access the services they need. Joe is committed to reforms to create non-adversarial systems that meet veterans’ needs, and that have sufficient oversight and accountability.

While in Congress, Joe has worked to reduce backlogs at the VA, expand access to health and mental health care for veterans, and strengthen civilian job training and certification programs. He advocates for increased investments in patient advocacy, expanding legal assistance to reduce barriers to accessing veteran benefits, and protecting immigrant veterans who have served our country from deportation. Joe is proud to have introduced bipartisan legislation to support surviving military spouses and improve caregiver services for service members and veterans.