March 6, 2020


The “Joe I Know” series features videos highlighting Joe’s personal connections with residents and local leaders across the state

Watertown, MA — On Friday, Kennedy for Massachusetts launched the fourth in a series of videos highlighting personal relationships that Congressman Joe Kennedy III has built with residents and local leaders across Massachusetts. The digital video campaign, “Joe I Know,” includes personal testimony from people Joe has worked with to pass legislation, fight with on an issue, or met on the campaign trail.

This video features Monica Cannon-Grant, a Roxbury resident who is known for her activism across the City of Boston.

Cannon-Grant was the lead organizer of the 2017 March Against White Supremacy in Boston — an event held in response to the white-supremacist rally in Charlottesville that left one person dead and injured dozens. She is also the founder and CEO of a nonprofit called Violence in Boston, which works with various marginalized persons or disenfranchised communities that come from lower-income areas and areas with a high person-of-color ratio.

She is a frequent visitor of the Kennedy for MA campaign office in Roxbury, where she has been working to get out the vote for Kennedy in her neighborhood.

“I think oftentimes we have people advocate for us but they never want to talk to us,” said Monica Cannon-Grant. “They talk about our community but they don’t come visit and actually get to know the people and see what the real disparities are. One of the things I appreciated about Joe was that he was honest about the parts he was unaware about, and he was willing and open to learn. He was willing to listen to the people who are actually doing the work. With Joe, one of the things I appreciated the most was that he went on a tour of just listening. It was a listening tour.”