August 2, 2020


Kennedy joins small businesses and community leaders in Dorchester, Roxbury, and West Roxbury

Watertown, MA –– On Sunday, Congressman Joe Kennedy III made a series of visits to small businesses in Boston on his Jobs and Justice Tour. He was joined by Suffolk County Sheriff Steve Tompkins, State Representative Chynah Tyler, and Boston City Councilor Matt O’Malley.

Kennedy began the day in Dorchester, attending service at St. Patrick’s Church with Suffolk County Sheriff Steve Tompkins. The two then visited Pollo Lounge & Grill and One Family Diner before heading to Genius Planet, a local technology shop. Kennedy and Tompkins rounded out their time together with a meetup with older residents at Restaurante Cesaria.

Kennedy also joined Sheriff Tompkins on Saturday for a “Community Meet Up” in Roxbury with Titio Jackson, where the two rallied a crowd for Kennedy heading into the final month of the primary.

Kennedy then headed to Tommy’s Rock Neighborhood in Roxbury for a community canvass with State Representative Chynah Tyler. The pair also visited St. Joseph’s Community, a cooperative housing development in Roxbury before meeting with residents at the Boston Housing Authority’s senior apartments.

Kennedy rounded out the day visiting small businesses in West Roxbury with City Councilor Matt O’Malley.

“We’re all scared right now. We’re scared for our health, our jobs, our homes, our city, our country, and our planet. Life will never be ‘normal’ again. That’s why I’m proud to stand here with Joe Kennedy –– because he sees the promise and possibility in this moment,” said Boston City Councilor Matt O’Malley. “That’s what his Jobs and Justice Tour is all about. It is about rebuilding an economy that finally works for everyone, not just the people it has always worked for. Joe will not only be the progressive champion we need in D.C., he’ll be the presence we need at home and the leader to move us forward. Proud to have him here today.”

As part of the Jobs and Justice Tour, Kennedy will be meeting with working families, business owners, Black and Brown communities, organized labor, essential workers, and other community leaders across the state to inform the Jobs and Justice Initiative and receive feedback from local stakeholders.

The Kennedy Jobs and Justice Initiative (JJI) proposes a large-scale public works and federal hiring program designed to both address the acute needs of COVID-19 response, and to remedy the profound injustices of our modern economy, which long predated this pandemic. With a focus on equality, intersectionality, and anti-racism, the proposal builds on Kennedy’s earlier “moral capitalism” platform and continues his efforts to reorient federal economic policies to center American workers.

Kennedy’s visit is part of a statewide tour to promote his Kennedy Jobs and Justice Initiative (JJI), a working legislative proposal to guide our country’s economic recovery efforts in building a better, stronger, more resilient post-COVID America.

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