August 1, 2020


Kennedy joins small businesses and community members in Somerville, Framingham, Milford, and Roxbury

Watertown, MA –– On Saturday, Congressman Joe Kennedy III was on the road for a full day on his Jobs and Justice Tour, making stops in Somerville, Framingham, and Milford, and ending the day with a “Community Meetup” in Roxbury. Kennedy documented his time on the campaign trail live –– streaming across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram –– from Somerville, Framingham, and Roxbury.

Kennedy began the day at Stop & Shop in Somerville, where he joined UFCW 1445 members calling for hazard pay for essential workers. He then visited Jack Abby’s Craft Lagers in Framingham with Mayor Yvonne Spicer before meeting with Brazilian business owners and local supporters downtown.

“I’ve known Joe for over ten years. I met Joe doing the work I love, which is STEM education. He’s been a champion for not only Massachusetts, not only education, not only the poor, not only health care, but for people of color. And as an African American woman, I can honestly tell you it makes a difference when you show up. It makes a difference when you pick up the phone and say ‘Ma’am, how are you doing? What can I do to help you?’” It makes a difference when you bring not only your privilege and power, but when you share it with others. You make other people matter. That’s what Joe Kennedy does,” said Framingham Mayor Yvonne Spicer

Kennedy then made a series of stops in Milford, including meeting with the owners of Spallone & Son Menswear and Oliva’s Market and chatting with supporters downtown.

Following his visit to Milford, Kennedy and his wife Lauren joined Suffolk County Sheriff Steve Tompkins and former Boston City Councilor Tito Jackson for a  “Community Meetup” at Merengue Restaurant in Roxbury.

“This one is personal for me…,” said Tito Jackson. “In 2015, I was a Boston city councilor and chair of education. In Boston Public Schools, most of our students get free lunch. Most are poor. 45 percent are latino, 35 percent are black, and 100 percent of them are our future. And I took that job very seriously. And one day I got a call. Congressman Joe Kennedy wanted to come to Roxbury. He wanted to understand what was going on with urban public education. What was happening with special education. What was happening with English-language learners. And what our young people and teachers needed. There are cameras here today. Three were no cameras there that day Joe went into classrooms in Roxbury, when we went into buildings that needed to be fixed up. That’s why today, I’m endorsing Joe Kennedy not just because of the candidate he is, but because of the person he is.”

“This government is set up by the people, for the people,” said Suffolk County Sheriff Steve Tompkins. “And a lot of people in DC seem to have forgotten that. But not Joseph Kennedy. Joseph Kennedy IS public service. If there were ever a time we needed an advocate who understands how to bring the resources to our communities, it’s right now. And that advocate needs to be Joseph Kennedy.”

As part of the Jobs and Justice Tour, Kennedy will be meeting with working families, business owners, Black and Brown communities, organized labor, essential workers, and other community leaders across the state to inform the Jobs and Justice Initiative and receive feedback from local stakeholders.

The Kennedy Jobs and Justice Initiative (JJI) proposes a large-scale public works and federal hiring program designed to both address the acute needs of COVID-19 response, and to remedy the profound injustices of our modern economy, which long predated this pandemic. With a focus on equality, intersectionality, and anti-racism, the proposal builds on Kennedy’s earlier “moral capitalism” platform and continues his efforts to reorient federal economic policies to center American workers.

Kennedy’s visit is part of a statewide tour to promote his Kennedy Jobs and Justice Initiative (JJI), a working legislative proposal to guide our country’s economic recovery efforts in building a better, stronger, more resilient post-COVID America.

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