August 6, 2020


Merrow CEO Charlie Merrow cited Kennedy’s specific focus on the domestic manufacturing industry and work training as key factors in economic recovery

Watertown, MA –– On Thursday morning, Merrow Manufacturing CEO Charlie Merrow officially endorsed Congressman Joe Kennedy III for U.S. Senate. Kennedy and Merrow spent the morning touring the factory in Fall River and discussing PPE production, economic recovery, and specific legislation that will help create advanced manufacturing jobs in Massachusetts. 

 At a press conference outside Merrow manufacturing, Charlie Merrow announced that he is fully supporting Joe Kennedy in his bid for U.S. Senate. Senator Ed Markey met with Merrow Manufacturing just last week, but Merrow said Joe Kennedy is doing “a better job at understanding exactly what we need to do to build better policies,” and cited Kennedy’s commitment to Massachusetts businesses and workers, as reasons for his support. 

“Joe Kennedy has shown that he’s interested in representing every person that works at this facility. He’s predicated on an understanding of what we need, why we need it, what the plan looks like going forward, and how can we collaborate with specific policies to ensure that we create as much value, as much security, and as many jobs as possible in Fall River, Massachusetts,” said Merrow CEO Charlie Merrow. “I’m grateful — and I mean it — for the attention, the specificity, the interest in making sure this is successful because the stakes are huge.”

 “It’s this, more than anything, that allows us, without any hesitation, to support Joe Kennedy’s bid for Senate. Because I believe he is doing a better job at understanding exactly what we need to do to build better policies, to improve on all the work we put in, and to get better outcomes in the next year and several years,” Merrow continued.

 “I’ve been honored to represent the people of Fall River for the past eight years in the House of Representatives. I have used the voices of the people of Fall River and southeastern Massachusetts to help guide my efforts in Congress and advance policies that help advance manufacturing,” Congressman Joe Kennedy III said. “We have to take this moment and learn from it and help shift those federal policies to not only acquire and maintain the stockpiles and the supplies that we need to insulate our nation from another risk like this, but if we are going to spend that money, we need to invest it in communities like Fall River. I am very grateful to have Charlie with me in this race, and I look forward to this partnership moving forward.” 

 Founded in 1838, Merrow Manufacturing has been a staple of the Massachusetts manufacturing industry for seven generations. Specializing in textiles and technical soft goods, Merrow was able to quickly shift its operations in March to become the largest domestic producer of PPE. The company has been a leading producer of reusable and disposable medical and is now working on innovative classroom solutions to facilitate a return to school.

The Kennedy Jobs & Justice Initiative (JJI) will utilize the nationwide domestic manufacturing model created under Congressman Kennedy’s Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation Act to put Americans back to work addressing our most pressing collective research and development needs. From restocking the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS), to developing next-generation PPE, antimicrobial and disease-resistant materials, and investing in bio-pharmaceutical supply chain development, research, and resilience, the American manufacturing and R&D workforce is key to our recovery and protection from future crises.

Click here to download a clip from the press conference.