August 11, 2020


Kennedy for Massachusetts Campaign Manager Nick Clemons released the following statement tonight at the conclusion of the fifth debate between Congressman Joe Kennedy III and Senator Ed Markey.

“Tonight, Joe showed voters across the Commonwealth the presence, commitment, and empathy they’ve been missing in Senator Markey. Like a typical Washginton insider, Senator Markey dodged the hard questions about his record, hypocritically attacked Joe on campaign finance while benefiting from millions in dark money ads, and tried to take credit for bills and letters his colleagues wrote.”

“From a global pandemic to a nationwide reckoning over racial justice, one thing is clear: the absent leadership of the past is not good enough. And tonight, Joe showed us he has the vision and commitment to deliver a better tomorrow for everyone –– especially for those who have been dismissed or forgotten.

“Joe will be the present and engaged senator this moment requires, from protecting good-paying local jobs to demanding health care for all and fighting for racial justice. Massachusetts absolutely can’t afford a Senator who is disengaged right now. It is time to send someone who lives, works, and raises their family here to the U.S. Senate. Joe is the leader Massachusetts deserves and needs. And he showed us why tonight.”