July 26, 2020


“Tonight, voters heard the many reasons we cannot stick with the politics of the past. From being on the wrong side of history at the defining moments for Massachusetts and our country, to not showing up in the communities he represents, Senator Markey does not embody the forward-thinking, fully-engaged leadership we so desperately need.

“Joe showed us tonight that he is all in on building a better future together. From civil rights to economic justice to health care for all, Joe will be a champion for progressive change.

“Joe lives here, Joe is raising his children here, and he is in-tune with the real challenges that people in Massachusetts face –– from Chelsea to Roxbury to Taunton and Springfield. We won’t get change if we elect the same leadership we’ve had for fifty years. Joe is ready to fight like hell, every day, for every community in this state. And he made that very clear tonight.”