July 23, 2020


Watertown, MA –– Kennedy for MA Latinx Outreach Director Ramon Soto released the following statement today in response to the Markey campaign’s defense of the Senator’s 2013 vote to protect mass detention in the United States.


“This morning some of our country’s leading Latinx leaders in Congress criticized Ed Markey for a vote he took in 2013 to intentionally protect the bed quota that has been used for years to demonize and destroy immigrant families.


“Let’s be very clear about that vote. Ed Markey stood with Republicans. Ed Markey stood with ICE. Meanwhile every other member of the Massachusetts Congressional Delegation stood together, with President Obama, with DREAMers, with immigrants across the country, to try and fight back against the quota. And that includes Joe Kennedy –– who stood with activists and Latino leaders in Congress to vote against the bed quota. 


“The Markey Campaign has deliberately mischaracterized Kennedy’s vote to end the threat of a federal shutdown in order to try and salvage a news story that reflects a devastating lack of empathy for ice detainees by Senator Markey. Kennedy voted to eliminate the bed mandate entirely and, when that amendment failed, he voted against the larger bill. Ed Markey went against President Obama and Democratic Leadership to stand with ICE and vote — intentionally — for the bed quota.


“That Ed Markey and his campaign would delegitimize the Latino voices that raised this issue is abhorrent. Even worse are the falsehoods and misinformation he is relying on to do so.”