Become a Team Kennedy Roots Raiser!

Our grassroots movement is powered by you. Each dollar invested helps us grow our movement and bring Joe’s powerful leadership to the U.S. Senate. We are getting closer and closer to our Tuesday, September 1st primary and with your help, we can win.

Roots Raisers are members of our team who organize their networks to raise grassroots funds for our campaign. You’ll be working with a dedicated member of our grassroots fundraising staff to help you hit your goals and provide you the most up to date information. As you hit your goal, you’ll receive an opportunity to have a Team Kennedy thank you event for your network with Joe and our team.

If you’re all in, please select one of the two options below. Whether you are new to fundraising or a pro — we’re here to help. A member of our team will reach out to help you get started as a Roots Raiser!

Root 1:

Never fundraised before? No problem! Fill out the form below and our grassroots staff will reach out and provide support on how to make your raising a success.

Root 2:

Already a pro at grassroots fundraising? Great! We’re thrilled to have you on our team. Follow the steps below to create your custom supporter page.

Step 1: Click on the icon below to create your own fundraising page for Joe Kennedy III.

Step 2: Once you log in or sign up for Actblue choose a custom website address. Get creative! Use your initials, last name, a special date, or something easy to remember. Actblue will let you know if the url is already taken.

Step 3: Create a form title! It can be as simple as “Help Joe Win on September 1st!”

Step 4: Create a form ask. Make a personal appeal. Let your network know why you support Joe and make a direct ask.

Step 5: You’re ready to share your page! A member of our team will reach out soon to discuss goals with you.

Fundraising Tips:

Make a personal ask. It’s important to reach out to your communities with a personalized ask. Consider why you support Joe and weave that into your fundraising ask. 

Be specific. Ask for a specific contribution amount, whether it’s $1 or $25, it’s important to ask for a specific contribution, people are more likely to give based on specific and direct asks. 

Think about your communities. You are probably a part of multiple communities, whether they are geographic, identity based, or otherwise. You should think critically about how to reach out to different communities you are part of and what your personal ask should be for each. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out for support. We’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our grassroots team if you need help. We can provide templates and guide your personal raising.

Roots Raising FAQs:

How do you raise money for the campaign?

Our team will reach out and discuss a tangible fundraising goal with you. We’ll provide you tools and templates for you to use to make your raising successful. This will include a unique raiser link custom designed for you.

What is a Team Kennedy thank you event?

Once you’ve reached your goal, we’ll host set up a virtual Team Kennedy thank you party for your network — with Joe as the guest of honor!

Are there other ways to volunteer?

Yes! Check out our Volunteer Action Hub here.