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Officially sign on as a Team Kennedy volunteer!


Take a minute to learn about all the different ways to get involved!

Join a Zoombank

We have multiple Zooombanks every week, where we call voters across the state to find out if they plan to vote for Joe, and to share important message about him and our campaign. These Zoombanks are the anchor of our statewide field operation and an absolutely essential part of identifying who we need to turn out in September. And it’s fun to make calls while hanging out (virtually) together!

Join Joe’s Digital Rapid Response Team

In these socially-distanced times, our online platforms are more essential than ever. Joe’s digital rapid response team helps the campaign amplify key messages across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and works with our organizing team to bring in new people from online to the Team Kennedy operation.

Become a “Roots Raiser” for Joe

Grassroots donations are the heart of this campaign. Our roots raisers help organize low-dollar fundraising events for Joe supporters across the state — giving the team a chance to come together to talk about why they are supporting Joe and help the campaign have the resources they need to finish strong!

Join Students for Joe!

Are you a high school or college student psyched about Joe? Join our incredible group of student volunteers who are the heart of this team. Students for Joe out-tweet, out-meme, out-Zoombank and out-organize any other student group out there, and we are so proud to have them fighting by our side.

Make a Voting Plan

There are a variety of ways to cast your ballot for September 1! You can request to vote by mail, from the safety of your own home, you can vote in-person prior to September 1, and — of course– you can vote in-person at the polls on Primary Day. Take the time now to make sure you and your family are registered and have a plan to vote.

Talk to Your Friends & Neighbors

We’re going to win this election because supporters like you are each talking to their friends and families about why this election is important. 

It’s easier than you might think!

Bring up the election during your next happy hour zoom, or over the dinner table, direct message your friends on Facebook or send a quick text letting people know there’s an election on September 1 and that you’re voting for Joe Kennedy!

Download the worksheet below to get started with our easy to use virtual worksheet.